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Exploration Web-Perception-First Light of the New Year-December 14, 2020-September 02, 202


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Upcoming Exhibition

Recognizing that we live in a province that hold so many natural wonders from the many waterfalls, the badlands, a number of national parks, a Boreal Forest that hosts one of the only places the endangered lives/migrates to and from, the Rocky Mountains, and impressively nutrient-rich soil for farmland (which I personally love seeing haybales and canola fields) We awe visitors for many reasons, but we surprise them with our amazing skies and our canola fields. I speak about that personally as I was new to Alberta in 2006 and I fell in love and have not looked back. 

It doesn't matter if you are a homebody working on the farm or an avid adventurer backpacking through Waterton or the Rockies there is an innumerable list of reasons why this is the time for Celebrating Our Backyard. 

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Limited Edition Reproductions

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Alberta Skyscape Collection
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