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An award-winning artist recognized for her paintings and community involvement, Misty was born in the heart of BC’s interior and grew up passionate about the beauty of the mountainous landscapes around her. Moving to Alberta in the early 2000s she found the same love for the raw beauty of the prairies – in particular their vivid and dramatic skies.

In many ways the essence of the prairie experience is reflected in these skies. And Misty’s current body of work looks to capture this prairie essence with 366 daily impressions of the sky with select impressions being recreated in full detail to highlight their uniqueness. Beginning with the first light of dawn on New Year’s Day and ending with the setting of the sun on New Year’s Eve the work begins with a message of hope and serenity. This message is amplified as the year progresses, and despite the difficulties of 2020 reminds a broader audience about the beauty and resilience of the world around them.

Misty continues to establish her voice and blending her passion for the natural world, wildlife, and the human figure. With her 2020 skyscape collection considered a major stepping stone in her growth and as an artist focused on capturing the unique and often under-represented beauty of her prairie surroundings.

When Misty isn’t painting, she is working on her Honors Bachelor of Arts in the History of Art, Design, and Visual Culture at the University of Alberta.  Previously she completed an Arts and Cultural Management Diploma with MacEwan University and a certificate in the Visual Arts from the University of Alberta. Having had the opportunity to study and grow under a number of respected artists who were instrumental in helping Misty articulate the artistic relationship between her and her environment. 

She is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists which means the quality of her art has been judged to be of consistently high level so she can compete on the Canadian national stage (Assessment of the quality of members work is through peer review, by senior artists who understand quality work because they have been practicing artists themselves, often for many decades). 

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