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For Auction at the Raptor Rescue Society

March 12 at 9am PST- March 14 at 9pm PST

Hosted by The Raptors


The Raptor Rescue Society

The Raptor Rescue Society is a non-profit wildlife rehabilitation centre located in the Cowichan Valley. We are dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing wild raptors and other birds from all over lower Vancouver Island.


The Raptors

Raptors are some of the worlds most incredible aerial predators. At PNWR they strive to learn as much as they can about them, and share that information with everyone they can. They hope this will help raise awareness of their importance and value in the environment, help to promote conservation, and ultimately help to preserve our natural wildlife!


Soul Song: A Preliminary

Ink on Paper

5.5 x 7.5 image size

8" x 10" matted

Watercolour on Paper


Soul Song was originally going to be my 2020 body of work before I chose to do skyscapes. The body of work is meant to bring attention to migratory birds of Canada. The body of work will be a huge endeavor as the aim is to work with one rescues/sanctuaries/similar organization from each province and territory creating a large body of work based on feathers and birds and then the body of work will travel to each province and territory with proceeds going to the organizations. 


It originated with me picking up a Canada Goose feather from the park and then finding out about the migratory bird act which even picking up a feather from a park you can be fined as the government can't prove that is where you got it. There are many birds protected under acts like these and not many people seem to know about them.


This stippled image is based on a mallard wing as they have beautiful feathers with iridescent blue on them. That blue patch is called the speculum and it's found on the secondary wing feathers of both male and female mallards.

Soul Song: A Preliminary

  • No returns on commissioned artwork.

    ​Will accept returns or exchanges on artwork within 14 days after the painting arrives at your home as long as the customer: packs the art the same way it was shipped, covers all shipping costs including: signature required option and insurance for the value of the painting.

    ​If in the rare circumstance that the artwork is damaged please email me ( photos of the box, of the artwork and we will talk about the options to remedy the situation to your satisfaction.

  • All artwork will be shipped with the utmost care so it arrives at your door the same way it left.

    3-7 days processing to properly prep and package them for their safe arrival at your home.

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