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This piece is called "Perception" and is of a stormy cumulonimbus cloud coming in over a canola field. It can be viewed positively with the sun coming through, rain bringing life, and the excitement of a dramatic skyline. It can also be looked at more negatively with the focus on the storm coming in, the darkness it will bring, and the lightning and danger that entails. It is all about the perception of the viewer. 

When I first moved to Edmonton, one of my first memories was the love that I felt for these gorgeous yellow fields that I did not know what they were. They still bring me that same joy. So when I think of summer, this is one of the top images that comes to mind. 


The location of this painting is South Edmonton on 41 Ave SW and 91st Street SW looking West.


It is the halo piece to the skyscape collection
54" x 92.5" gallery wrap

Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas


Exhibition History:

2024 Our Collective Stories: A Shared Reflection by the Sky 

2023 Celebrate the Summer, Celebrate the Sky



In 2020, I embarked on a transformative artistic endeavor, dedicating myself to creating a watercolour painting daily. A homage to Alberta's extraordinary skyline, capturing its dramatic beauty and ever-changing allure. Little did I know that the arrival of COVID-19 in March would infuse my work with an entirely new significance, forever altering its meaning.

Amidst the uncertainty and challenges of the pandemic, my paintings became a poignant reminder of the importance of mental wellness and self-care. Serving as a gentle nudge to venture outdoors, breathe in the fresh air, and find solace in the expansive sky. Regardless of our physical separation, the sky binds us together, reminding us we are never truly alone in our struggles.

This project carries multiple layers of meaning. To those unfamiliar with Alberta, it is an open invitation to explore our skies and discover the extraordinary beauty that graces our province year-round. It transcends superficial narratives and invites visitors to witness and immerse themselves in the vibrant tapestry of Alberta's landscapes.

For fellow Albertans, this collection serves as a celebration of our remarkable home. In times that have tested our strength, it ignites a spark of hope and resilience. It reminds us to look upward, appreciate simple joys, and find solace in the unbreakable bonds we share as a community. We are a people who support one another, lend a helping hand in times of need, and together celebrate life's moments, regardless of the challenges we face.


Each painting seamlessly transitions into the next, offering a sense of calm and an opportunity for introspection. A visual sanctuary that invites viewers to pause, reflect, and find peace amidst the brushstrokes. Embark on this artistic journey together, explore the depths of our emotions, celebrate the resilient spirit of Alberta, and discover the profound connections within our shared skies.


Limited edition reproductions of this painting are available. Only available in one size, and there are only 88 editions in a run. After that, the print will be retired permanently.


  • No returns on commissioned artwork.

    ​Will accept returns or exchanges on artwork within 14 days after the painting arrives at your home as long as the customer: packs the art the same way it was shipped, covers all shipping costs including: signature required option and insurance for the value of the painting.

    ​If in the rare circumstance that the artwork is damaged please email me ( photos of the box, of the artwork and we will talk about the options to remedy the situation to your satisfaction.

  • All artwork will be shipped with the utmost care so it arrives at your door the same way it left.

    3-7 days processing to properly prep and package them for their safe arrival at your home.

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