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Acrylic on Canvas

11" x 14" (canvas)

13" x 17" (framed)


The tide is the rise and fall of sea levels caused by the combined effects of the gravitational forces of the moon as well as the Earth and Moon orbiting each other. A tide increases in high tide and decreases in low tide. It is the political state of the world, like the gravitational forces of the moon, as we, as the people, are the tide—our migratory patterns increase in times of war and decrease in times of peace. However, there is never true peace, so the tide is constant, just like our oceans.

Tides II

SKU: MR17-021
  • No returns on commissioned artwork.

    ​Will accept returns or exchanges on artwork within 14 days after the painting arrives at your home as long as the customer: packs the art the same way it was shipped, covers all shipping costs including: signature required option and insurance for the value of the painting.

    ​If in the rare circumstance that the artwork is damaged please email me ( photos of the box, of the artwork and we will talk about the options to remedy the situation to your satisfaction.

  • All artwork will be shipped with the utmost care so it arrives to you the same way it left.

    Shipping is free within Alberta, free to the rest of Canada is free under 1kg and $30.00 all other weights. International shipping is free under 1kg and $50 all other weights. 

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